Restaurants and Food Service

Pest Control for Restaurants and Food Service Vancouver, Portland, Beaverton

Running a restaurant, cafeteria, dining hall, or any food service establishment is a challenge. Building your reputation is even harder. It involves long hours of hard work providing good food and top-notch service to build up a loyal and steady clientele. More so than in any other business, in the food business, a good reputation is hard-earned.

And yet, all it takes is one cockroach to destroy it.

The truth is that short of an outbreak of ptomaine poisoning, there is nothing more damaging to a restaurant’s reputation and business than pests. Nothing turns off guests as much as flies buzzing around the table, roaches peeking out from behind the baseboards, or mice scurrying under the kitchen doors.

Of course, you really can’t blame them for not wanting disease-carrying vermin in a place that prepares and serves their food. But to be fair, with all the food, supplies, and even people coming into a restaurant every day, pest control in restaurants and other food service establishments can be a real challenge.

Don’t worry. That’s where we come in. Bugaboo Pest Control can design an effective, environmentally-friendly solution for your dining establishment that that’s tough on pests, but easy on guests.

Common Pests of Restaurants and Dining Establishments

Restaurants are susceptible to the same pest problems as any other structures, but there are a few pests that are particularly fond of food service environments, such as:

  • Cockroaches - Restaurants have everything that roaches need to survive and thrive: food, moisture, warmth, and plenty of places to hide. Once they become established, they can be a challenge to get rid of.
  • Flies and other flying insects - Like cockroaches, flying insects thrive in food service environments. Some of the most common flying pests include houseflies, fungus gnats, and fruit flies.
  • Stored-food pests - These are beetles, weevils, and moths that commonly infest both plant- and animal-based food products such as rice, corn, other grain products, spices, and some meat products. More often than not, they arrive with incoming food shipments. You can read more about them here.
  • Rodents - Rats and mice can be big problems for restaurants, especially in basements, around dumpsters and garbage areas, and in receiving areas.
  • Bed bugs - Although not a common problem (yet), bed bugs are increasingly being found in restaurants. They usually arrive by hitchhiking on employees and guests. Once established, small bed bug problems can rapidly become big ones.

Bugaboo Pest Control’s IPM Programs for Restaurants

At Bugaboo Pest Control, we don’t just “come around and spray” like some old-line exterminating companies do. We custom-design an Integrated Pest Management program for your establishment that maximizes the use of non-chemical measures to prevent pest problems, while minimizing the use of pesticides.

Our approach begins with a thorough inspection of your establishment to determine your pest control needs, and how we can best address them with minimum disruption of your business. We look for pests, of course; but we also look for things like harborage areas, sanitation and moisture problems, and food storage practices. We will then develop a plan to eliminate your pest problems in a way that guarantees long-term effectiveness.

Typically, our pest control programs for restaurants include some or all of the following:

  • Ongoing inspections - This is the most important thing we do. We want to identify little problems before they become big ones.
  • Identification of conditions conducive to pest infestation - This includes things that can be as simple as adjusting door sweeps to keep mice out of the building, or sealing cracks and crevices to eliminate insect harborage areas.
  • Sanitation assessment - Let’s be clear about this: you will never achieve a pest-free environment without proper sanitation. If there are sanitation problems, we’ll consult with you about them so they can be addressed. We also keep our eyes open for health code violations so you can stay in compliance.
  • Placing traps and monitoring devices - Traps can be extremely effective pest control tools for both monitoring and remediation. Pheromone traps, for example, can quickly identify products that are infested when they arrive, and light traps can prevent or rapidly reduce fly problems.
  • Precision pesticide applications - When needed, we use small quantities of EPA-registered products to quickly clear up existing pest problems. Usually we need only a few drops or dabs, and often we don’t need any at all. All of our products are in the EPA’s lowest hazard class and have little or (more often) no odor.
  • Record-keeping - We keep meticulous records to help us identify patterns and provide continuing, effective service.

In short, Bugaboo Pest Control provides world-class pest control solutions for local food service establishments.

To learn more about how we can help you keep your restaurant, diner, or other food service establishment pest-free, please contact us for an inspection. There’s no obligation, and the consultation is free. Thank you for your interest in Bugaboo Pest Control.