Apartment Managers

Pest Control for Apartment Managers Vancouver, Portland, Beaverton

Bugaboo Pest Control is proud of the good reputation and rapport that we’ve built with property managers, landlord representatives, homeowner associations, and condominium boards throughout the Portland and Vancouver areas. We understand the unique challenges of providing pest control at multiple dwellings, as well as commercial managed properties.

We have to admit that in at least one way, providing pest control at multiple dwellings is a lot easier for us than it is for a lot of old-fashioned exterminating companies. That’s because at Bugaboo Pest Control, we’ve always avoided smelly, highly-toxic chemicals that are more likely to trigger complaints from tenants. That alone eliminates a major source of conflicts.

Speaking of which, our environmentally-friendly approach to pest control also means we’re happy to provide pest control services at LEED-Certified apartment buildings and condos. We’re proud to say that Bugaboo Pest Control was green long before being green was in fashion.

Another reason why we’re popular with both property managers and residents is because we don’t talk down to tenants. If they have questions or concerns about what we’re doing or the products we’re using, we answer them. We also provide them with copies of the product labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) if they ask for them.

We don’t just tell tenants who have pesticide questions to “call the landlord” like some companies do. We believe that that’s just bizarre! Tenants are entitled to the information, so we provide it if we’re asked. That’s just common sense — as well as being the law. (Besides, you have enough to do without having to field pest control questions from your tenants.)

Finally, we understand that timing is critical when dealing with multiple dwellings, so we work around your schedule and make it a point to be prompt. We also provide an Online Work Order Request Form for property managers to help you save even more time and assure that your requests are received promptly by our office.

What Sets Us Apart

Simply stated, we’re the best choice for pest control at professionally-managed properties throughout the Portland and Vancouver Metro areas and suburbs. Here’s why:

  • We’ve been doing it for almost three decades. When you do something long enough, you just get good at it.
  • We’re a full-service animal and pest control company that can address all of your pest and critter control needs.
  • We offer special, discounted pricing for property managers and an Online Work Order Request Form.
  • We respect you, your buildings, and the people who occupy or use them.
  • We believe in tenant education, including gently providing sanitation advice where needed.
  • We’re constantly inspecting for problems conducive to pest infestations, and we let you know about them. Very often, as in the case of moisture problems, these issues can also cause structural damage or mold growth, over time; so our inspections can alert you to problems before they become expensive to remedy.
  • We offer convenient scheduling and billing options.
  • We are committed to environmentally-friendly pest control methods that respect our environment and help reduce tenant complaints.

If you own or manage residential or commercial rental properties, or if you represent a condo board or an HOA, please feel free to contact us to learn how we can help you solve your pest control problems. The consultation is free, and there is no obligation. References are also available for your review.