About Us

Welcome to Bugaboo Pest Control

Established in 1984, Bugaboo Pest Control is a family-owned, full-service pest control company serving the greater Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington Metropolitan areas. We pride ourselves on quality service, integrity in our business dealings, and respect for our natural environment.

Quality Service

Bugaboo Pest Control is a local, family-owned business, not a national franchise. Our reputation is on the line every time we do a job, and we’re proud to have maintained our good name through the course of three decades. In a very real way, we’ve grown up with our customers, and it’s just become natural for us to treat all our customers like family.

That’s why when we come to your home or business to provide pest control services, you can rest assured that we’ll treat you like family, too. That means providing the highest quality service, using the safest available products, and paying the closest attention to detail of any pest control company in the business.

Integrity in our Business Dealings

Open Pricing

At Bugaboo Pest Control, we believe in being up-front and open about what we can do for you, and how much it will cost. We don’t believe in "bait-and-switch" or "up-selling" tactics. That’s why we’re the only pest control company we know of that’s not afraid to post our pricing guidelines on the Web, so you can have at least an approximate idea of how much your animal and pest control services will cost. You can view our master price list here.

In addition, most of the individual pages for various pests have the pricing guidelines for those pests listed at the very bottoms of the pages. Pages that don’t have pricing guidelines posted are for pests for which there simply are too many variables to estimate the price for a job without having more information (such as most wildlife removal work). Just call us, and we’ll provide a personalized estimate for those critters.

Please note that our posted prices are estimates, not firm offers. We do run into unusual situations from time to time. But most of the time, the prices we post should be accurate. We’ve been doing this work long enough that we’ve gotten pretty good at estimating pest control costs. If your problem is one of those occasional ones that’s more complicated than most, we’ll tell you before we start the work.

Guaranteed Performance

Another way that we put integrity into practice is by standing behind our service. In general, if at any time you are not satisfied with the services that you have been provided, you may request a cash refund by simply notifying Bugaboo Pest Control, in writing, stating the reason for your decision. Within 30 days of receiving such notice, Bugaboo Pest Control will present you with a cash refund, determined on a prorated basis, for the remainder of time in this warranty. Or if you prefer, we will re-treat at no charge.

We also offer longer warranties for specific types of pest control services that we perform, such as termite control.

In a nutshell, our guarantee is that you’ll be satisfied with our work, and it’s backed by a no-hassle, money-back policy. If you're not happy, then we’re not happy

Respect for Our Natural Environment

Bugaboo Pest Control was founded with a commitment to the earth in mind. In fact, we were doing "green" pest control long before being "green" was the rage.

Our commitment to being Earth-friendly permeates the way we perform pest control. For example:

  • We avoid unnecessary use of pesticides. We only use them when we have a reason to do so.
  • Whenever possible, we rely primarily on non-chemical pest control methods such as sanitation, exclusion, habitat modification, and source reduction. This is not only better for the environment, but also provides better, longer-lasting results.
  • When pesticides are needed, we use the safest-available products. Most of the products we used are naturally-derived, and all of them belong to the EPA’s lowest hazard class.
  • We target our applications to avoid harming beneficial and non-target organisms.

Needless to say, our dedication to the environment also helps keep your home free of highly toxic, volatile pesticides, making green pest control a winning choice for everyone involved.

To learn more about how Bugaboo Pest Control can help you solve your animal or pest control problems, please contact us for a friendly, no obligation, no-pressure consultation. Or if you prefer, take a few minutes to browse our site and learn about the different services we offer, and then give us a call.

Thank you for considering Bugaboo Pest Control. We hope to hear from you soon.